Looking for a homestay for an International Student (중국인 유학생 호스트 패밀리 하실 가정을 찾습니다)

by Eduicare posted Dec 21, 2018


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에듀아이케어에서는 2019년 1월 초부터 Vencentain Academy로 유학 올 9학년 중국인 남학생을 호스트해줄 가정을 찾고 있습니다. 주중과 주말에 식사를 챙겨주시고, 통학, 내원, 및 일반 생활에 필요한 라이드를 해주시면 됩니다. 매달 규칙적으로 생활비 보조금도 지급됩니다. 관심있으신 분은 서둘러 연락주세요.

Email: jin@edu-icare.org (speaking Korean & English)
Cell: 857-316-6303

Edu-icare is looking for caring and supporting families interested in hosting a male international student(9th) from China who will be attending Vencentian Academy(in Pittsburgh, PA) starting January 2019. The family will be responsible for the student's meals when the student is home, rides to school and doctors appointments, and general care. 
The host family will receive monthly compensation.
If you are interested, please contact us by email (jin@edu-icare.org)or phone(857-316-6303).

Thank you!

Edu-iCare is an educational consulting firm that strives to provide an enriched environment promoting student growth and academic success.


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